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Green Energy  is the future.

The future is green and Eleqron can help you be a part of it. Contact us to design the distribution and connection for small to medium sized renewable projects. Whether you are looking to install an EV charging station, connect a solar panel, or invest in a small-scale power generation unit; we can help you optimize and develop a plan, deal with the regulatory and utility requirements and provide the electrical design. We also offer regulatory and project advisory services on large scale renewable projects.

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On-Shore Renewables

Eleqron can be with you every step of the way from developing a concept to designing your small-to-medium sized green energy project into a reality. We understand the challenges and can work with you to optimize a design a provide a practical and cost-effective solution. The complexities of renewables require an understanding of the regulatory and utility requirements combined with the electrical engineering skills, and we have the skills to tackles those challenges. Whether your vision includes installing solar panels for your building, providing an EV charging station, or supplying a small-scale power generation unit, we can work with you to understand your goals and develop a solution.

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About Us

Eleqron is led by a team with extensive electrical engineering experience in design, construction, commissioning, reliability, maintenance, and project management of electrical infrastructure. Our background enables us to solve complex problems and work fluidly with external disciplines to deliver the best electrical engineering design and develop a practical response to meet your goals.